Cali Carter Gets Naked For Cock Milking Massage

Thursday, July 3, 2014
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Sex Massage presents The luscious and nurturing Cali Carter meets a parlor regular, Will Powers. She strips him in the buff to expose his tense penis. She uses her gentle hands to comfort him, talking to him and his rod. After Cali gets Will to turn over, she uses her warm soaked mouth to suck his giant pecker, shooting his steaming load from her shot glass. Will will be back!

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Brandy Aniston Licks Cock During SexMassage

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Ever since Clover and his wifey saw a film about a vagina with teeth inside, he hasn’t been able to go anywhere near a cooze! Brooklyn’s treatment is sure to cure him of his anxiety. She starts to rub his body to stimulate him, and to help him relax and calm down a bit. She notices his nerves are shot, when he reacts negatively to some of the lighter parts of the treatment. Soon he’s just about ready for the piece de resistance, a member milking from Brooklyn’s expert hands. Once Brooklyn determines that there are some things he still enjoys, mainly her hand job, she takes the next step, letting him fuck her toothless boobies! Next, she lets him explore her slit to prove that there aren’t teeth inside. Giving him a bit of a scare, she reassures him that it was just a joke. Moving on with her treatment she stuffs his weiner in her mouth, teases his penis with her warm cunt, and then crawls underneath, making him relinquish all trust to her to bring him to completion without a single tooth! There’s nothing hotter than a stream of fresh seed running down Brooklyn’s libidinous mouth and her thick delectable boobs.

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Brooklyn Chase Hot Blonde Offers Massage in Exchange For Cum Shower

Sunday, June 29, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Brandy Aniston meets with Talon in this naughty milking table session. After the initial consultation, she brings him to the table where she disrobes him slowly. She massages his figure with her hands and then wets his shaft with her saliva. She strokes his johnson with her hands and gets him harder. After he gets rigid, she turns him over and gets under his thick rod. She uses both hands to stroke his johnson and uses her wet mouth to entice him to stay rigid. She fond of his hard member and gets him thick stiff and he loves his milking. She lets him spunk in her mouth and asks him to return for another session.

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Amanda Tate Gives Sex Massage to Hot and Bothered Stud

Friday, June 27, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Tommy suffers from hernia after working too firm at the gym, he is seeing Amanda today who promises she can help him regain his erection. Amanda shows him to the treatment room and asks him to lay down on the milking table facing up, she gently massages his shape and grabs his phallus with her mouth, soon enough Tommy gets a hard-on and Amanda moves to the milking part of the treatment. Under the table she milks his big johnson and sucks on it, after trying various positions and exposing her sweet slit it is time for Tommy to jizz, he shoots his load on Amanda’s face and feels an instant relief

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Allison Moore Sultry Brunette Milks Cock With Tits

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Nick arrives to the clinic experiencing sexual issues, his wifey recommended he gets a session with Allison to see if she can help resolve his problem. As the session begins Allison undresses Nick and ask him to lay down on the milking table, she starts to gently stroke his meat and move on to give him a sensual suckjob. Allison then gets under the table to start the milking session and ends up with a mouthfull of warm jizz.

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Alison Tyler Tugs Hard Cock For Milking Massage

Monday, June 23, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Alison Tyler is a arousing brown locks and in her fishnet outfit, she meets her patient Billy. After an introduction, she brings him to the milking room. She puts him on his back and strokes his stiff snake with both of her hands, caressing and handling his shaft to get the blood going. After he grows harder, she flips him over and is fully smooth to a undressed Alison under the table. She holds his balls and strokes his knob, milking him for all his semen. She talks him through it and loves the feeling. She gets his blood and juices flowing through his figure and finally milks her mouth fully drained.

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Aimee Black and Carter Cruise Give Tag-team Tug Job Massage

Saturday, June 21, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Will’s wifey must be the chick of his dreams because when he admits to his issue, we get the idea that he can’t keep his arousal in check, and he cums straight away. Suffering from premature ejaculation, leaves Him feeling depressed, and he feels less important. Especially when it comes to pleasing his wife. When he reveals he’s worried that his wifey will leave him, Carter takes over, reassuring him that the treatment she has planned should help to take care of everything from his insecurities to his PE. Aimee Black joins them, and Will realizes that they grew up together. Once Aimee and Carter start stripping down, Will can’t help himself and he cums straight away! Their damage control helps him to relax and the massage certainly helps him to release his stress, and that subconscious feeling to rush everything. The ladies gently work his prick to the point where they can take him in their mouth, giving him the sensual throatjob he came in for. Carter is first under the table, and before long Aimee joins her to work his organ over using four hands until his load is released into Aimee and Carter’s hungry mouths! Will will need to seed back? These two hotties hope so!

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Alison Faye Hot Brunette Jerks Cock For Facial

Saturday, June 21, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Newlywed Tony is at the spa today to get his routine milking in order to get his fix. His new wife hasn’t been putting out, and being married makes him feel awkward. To help him push past his strange anxiety Alison is ready to help him achieve a steady routine of milkings in order to stay happy and not fall into a pattern of intense dissatisfaction. Alison starts by rubbing his bod with some oil in order to get him stimulated before his special treatment. Before long his sausage is tense, and our petite milk maiden is suckling at his firm prick. Watch as she expertly sucks his balls, and tongues his penis head. Alison takes pleasure in the taste so much that she can’t help but crawl under the table to get to work sucking every last drop of seed from his overflowing balls. She milks his load straight into her warm and hungry mouth, before ensuring that he’ll be in for his fix again tomorrow!

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Mia Lelani is getting a massage and she gets fucked by the masseuse.

Thursday, June 12, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Mia Lelani‘s co-workers referred her to masseur Johnny, who apparently has “magic fingers” that give all the girls a glow after they return to the office after their rub during lunch. Mia needs a good massage after her recent back-splitting camping vaca, so she’s all in. But small did she know that his magic fingers would crawl up into her dripping slit and make her feel mind blowing! With all that oil all over the racy, buxom Asian, her big melons called for Johnny’s magic big weiner to titty fuck them and then “massage” her cunt until she couldn’t be more relaxed!

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Evelyn Lin makes her client fuck her pussy.

Sunday, June 8, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Evelyn Lin and the rub parlor where she works at is known for giving their “special massages,” and she’s expecting her 5 o’ clock appointment to request only the finest of rubs and tugs. But when the looker of the Orient finds that her client is solely seeking a legitimate rub, she uses her kissable Asian persuasion to cajole and coax him into sitting back and relaxing while she sucks his cock and fucks him right on the rub table. rub getting boned at its best!

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