Emily Austin Doesn’t Stop Handjob Until She’s Covered in Semen

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Sex Massage presents A wild and salacious therapist played by the golden haired Emily Austin is introduced to her patient Bradley Remington. He talks about his sexual concerns, and she lays him down on the milking table. She massages him a teeny and then gives him a blowjob to get him rigid. She then uses her hands to stroke him harder with both hands. She flips him over on the table, and gets underneath his erect phallus and balls. She pumps his organ and balls fully and gets his juices and blowing and he fond of it. She uses her mouth and lips with her hands and he cannot stand it anymore and finally lets go over her sensual mouth.

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Dillion Harper Works Cock With Both Hands

Sunday, July 27, 2014
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Sex Massage presents The stunning Dillon Harper is the milking specialist in this episode with her patient Brad Tyler. After his explanation of problems, and lays him down and rubs his body slightly. She moves to his penis and strokes his organ with both hands to get the blood going. After becoming erect, she flips him over and she fond of herself. She uses her hands and mouth all over his stiff phallus and balls to get every bit going through him. She strips naked and is big naughty under the table, sucking his dong deeply until almost drooling. With both hands she milks every drop of spunk from him over her naughty face.

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Danica Dillion Fishnet Covered Pornstar Sucks Cock During Sexmassage

Friday, July 25, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Flynt is returning for a second session after having the time of his life the last time, this time he is paying 200 dollars and sees Danica. She lays him on the milking table and starts by giving him a gentle cocksucking followed by a damp suck job. As things heat on she gets under the table and starts milking his erected snake, Flynt is enjoying every seconds of it and gets to shoot his entire load in her mouth. Danica swallows like a pro and feels happy that she could help him out.

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Dakota Skye Milks Dick Into Glass

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Sex Massage presents The nubile nymph Dakota Sky is waiting on staff for David. David came to share his phallus problem hoping Dakota can take care of his sports injury. Dakota expertly warms his knob with her mouth and then milks his man sauce into a shot glass to save for later. Too bad she can’t save his cum and eat it too!

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Courtney Taylor Rubs Cock Until it Spurts

Monday, July 21, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Courtney Taylor is a erotic sexual therapist and isn’t affraid to show it, when Will comes back for another session she shows him to the milking room and undresses him. She takes one look at his enormous knob and cannot wait to play with it and suck it. Under the table she puts her lips around his rod and milks it firm which gets her really turned on. Courtney shows her perfect tits and shaven snatch and lets Will shoot his entire load in her mouth. She love the taste of his seed and asks him to come back and see her for another private session.

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Cody Sky Milks Dick Directly Into Her Mouth

Saturday, July 19, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Karmen Karma is seeing a client who’s recovering from a set of wheels accident, she offers her first sexual therapy session for free and shows him to the milking table. As soon as Karmen wraps her hands around his weiner her client is beginning to achieve a erection, Karmen gets all horny and starts deep throating his meat. She then gets under the table and meat milks his shaft while sucking it some more. When her client is ready to orgasm she aims his member into her mouth and takes a mouthfull of jizz. She smiles and asks her client to come back for the next session soon.

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Coco Puts Mouth to Work Under Milking Table

Thursday, July 17, 2014
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Sex Massage presents After a succesfull previous session Flynt returns to continue his therapy, this that with sweet Coco. She undresses him and have him lay down on the milking table. She begins teasing him by playing with his schlong and continues by giving him a hot sock sucking. When she turns him over she gets under the table and starts milking his erected organ. Coco jerks and sucks his prick while playing with her shaven snatch, after tasting his pre-cum it is time for the real thing, Flynt shoots his load right in her mouth and Coco loves playing with it, Flynt is likely to return for another session…

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Cindy Starfall Massages Pussy in Middle of Handjob

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
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Sex Massage presents seductive Asian superstar Cindy Starfall meets Tyler Nixon who thinks he is addicted to porn. He tells her his concerns and she strips him nude in the milking room and gets him comfortable. He lays down and has her build touched and then cock rubbed by Cindy’s delicate hands. She uses her mouth to get him completely stiff and sucks his pecker. Flipping him over only leads to more milking from Cindy. She fingers her hairless cooze as she sucks his wang to get him harder and harder. She gets every bit of blood going through him, and she has saliva damp in anticipation. She gets a face and mouthful.

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Christie Stevens’ Pussy Throbs During Tug Job

Sunday, July 13, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Christie Stevens is a sultry flaxen, and she meets her stud of a patient Bradley Remington. He is having some concerns in the boudoir, and she brings him in the milking table for some relaxation. She lays him down and slowly strokes his pud. He rubs her melons for stimulation, and she helps him with her warm lips and mouth along with her hands. She flips him over and with his pole and balls bald, massages her slit as she fully strokes his entire wang. She gets every bit of blood to flow through his organ and gets his balls filled with semen. When ready, she milks him with a face full of cum.

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Chloe Amour Bares Tits During Dick Massage

Friday, July 11, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Flynt Dominick isn’t able to spunk with women, and he meets up with Chloe Amour. After some initial talking, she takes him into the milking room. She lays him on the table, and rubs his figure to relax him. After the relaxing, she rubs his meat and balls and he gets harder as she stimulates the blood. She flips him over on the table, with his phallus and balls fully ready for more. She moves in to give oral milking assistance and sucks and strokes his meat into her mouth. She fingers her pussy as it excites her as well, and when he is ready, he gives her breasts and mouth sa drenching of seed that lasts.

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