Natalia Starr Massages Dude Until He Blows His Load

Sunday, August 24, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Nick is a baseball player who got hurt in a baseball game and looking for a sexual therapy to help him regain his lust. As the session starts Natalia sucks his tool and gets him to achieve a stiff boner, she then moves to milking him under the table and gets very horny doing that. As Nick gets ready to spunk Natalia jerks him harder and extracts his semen on her attractive face, Nick promises to come back for a follow-up session.

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Nadia Capri Naughty Nurse Gives Tugjob Treatment

Friday, August 22, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Romeo got into a car accident 6 months ago and haven’t been able to perform normally in bed ever since. He is seeing Nadia for his free first session and from the start he is liking the way her therapy works. Nadia undresses him and reveals a nice long tool, she caresses it gently and gets him on the milking table where the fun begins. She strokes his prick and starts sucking on it very passionately, she then gets under the table and milks his organ to a full fatty. After an intense blowjob it’s time for her to get a reward for all her hard work, Romeo cums in her mouth and she gladly swallows it all.

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Mia Lelani Runs Hands Over Cock Until it Explodes With Cum

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Seth is a shy man who cannot achieve and hardon easily, he schedules a session with Mia and tells her about his problem. Mia shows him to the therapy room and gets him stripped and ready for her session. She starts jerking Seth off and then goes all in for a long and sultry blow job, Seth then turns over and gets his erected tool milked under the table, Mia swallows every single drop of seed and asks him to come back for more.

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Marie McCray Opens Wide For Post Handjob Cumshot

Monday, August 18, 2014
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Sex Massage presents ginger milking specialist Maria McCray is looking especially arousing and her patient Will Powers is the lucky guy. Discussing his problems brings him to the milking table. She relaxes him through some rubbing and then moves to slowly massage the head of his dong. She instantly stimulates him and he takes pleasure in it. She turns him over, and then she moves to milking him through her open mouth. She deep throats his tense weiner and sucks on his balls to get every bit of blood silky through his dick. She gets him fully ready to go, and when he explodes, the milking session ends with melons covered with seed.

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Mandy Armani Demonstrates That She’s a Cock Massaging Pro

Saturday, August 16, 2014
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Sex Massage presents A wild and kissable therapist Mandy Armani is introduced to her patient Flynt. He talks about his sexual concerns, and she lays him down on the milking table. She rubs him a little and then gives him a throat job to get him tense. She then uses her hands to stroke him harder with both hands. She flips him over on the table, and gets underneath his erect prick and balls. She pumps his willy and balls fully and gets his juices and blowing and he loves it. She uses her mouth and lips with her hands and he cannot stand it anymore and finally lets go over her arousing mouth

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Lola Foxx Small Breasted Pornstar Jerks Cock

Thursday, August 14, 2014
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Sex Massage presents The young and seductive Lola Foxx is statuesque and she meets with her patient Van Wylde. After some initial discussions, she massages his tense frame on the milking table. After some touching, she moves to his snake and rubs his penis with both hands. She strokes his member and gets him firm as she milks him. She turns him over with his pud through the hole. She lays underneath the table and gets her open mouth all over his pud. She sucks his hard willy and massages his balls to get the full semen silky through him. She loves milking her clients and finally he explodes all over her lips flowing with cum.

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Katerina Kay Sucks Down Post Handjob Cum Cocktail

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Angelo is far from abode in seek of help for his erectile difficulty. Katerina Kay has a plan that is sure to please her exotic client. Katerina uses her expert rub techniques and warm mouth to get her client hard. Next you can watch use her professional hands to milk his load into her warm mouth.

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Jessica Ryan Massages From the Balls Up

Sunday, August 10, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Clover returns for a second sexcual therapy treatment, this time he is seen by Jessica Ryan. She shows him to the milking table and helps him strip, when she sees how hung Clover is she can’t help herself and starts kissing him and sucking him to an fatty. Jessica gets under the table and starts milking his big dong and licking his balls, she gets really turned on and talks dirty to him, she plays with her twat and cannot wait for him to shoot his entire load in her mouth. When he does she swallows it all and asks him to book another appointment with her.

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Jessa Rhodes Wraps Both Hands Around Thick Meat

Friday, August 8, 2014
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Sex Massage presents The hottest milking therapist around, Jessa Rhodes is the best therapist around. Eric Masterson has an appointment and he talks about his woody concerns. She lays him down on the milking table and rubs him to ease him in. Jessa takes his tool with both hands and strokes his schlong until erect. She brings him along and turns him over. She gets under him and then takes his wang and balls in her hands and strokes him. She uses her mouth on his meat and continues to keep him stiff. She fingers her shaved slit and plays with her breasts. He cannot take it anymore and shoots jizz over her lips.

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Jennifer Dark Massages Shaft of Dude

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
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Sex Massage presents The sultry Jennifer Dark is conference with Brad Tyler in this libidinous milking table session. After the initial consultation, she brings him to the table where she disrobes him slowly. She rubs his frame with her hands and then wets his tool with her saliva. She strokes his shaft with her hands and gets him harder. After he gets tense, she turns him over and gets under his thick dick. She uses both hands to stroke his sausage and uses her moist mouth to entice him to stay tense. She fond of his hard tool and gets him hung rigid and he fond of his milking. She massages her sensuous tits and finally gets cum on them.

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