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Deni Desire Exposes Tiny Tits For Pearl Necklace

Monday, September 15, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Jack Vegas’ homeopathic Doctor has sent him to the Milking Table spa in order to cure his erectile dysfunction, and Deni Desire is eager to help him past this common problem. Jack is used to taking homeopathic supplements, but when Deni introduces him to her therapeutic approach, she proves the technique’s worth, and our tickled pink patient, vows never to resort to supplements again! He’s a gloryhole virgin, and Deni is a Milking veteran. What better patient-expert combination is there?

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Zoey Monroe Gives Tugjob to Dude on Milking Table

Saturday, September 13, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Zoey is alone at the milking table today, and her client Eric is a frequent guest who is ready for a new massage therapist. Zoey has a particularly special method for him today. Watch her thrust his prick deep into her mouth, undress and masturbate, before milking his load into her warm mouth.

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Whitney Westgate Strokes Rod With Double-Handed Technique

Thursday, September 11, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Whitney Westgate is a very sexual therapist and she brings her new patient into the milking table room for treatment. She lays him on his back and slowly caresses his figure and dick to make him hard. As she does her grows harder and harder, and she uses her mouth to slowly gain his attention. He flips over with his hard rod and balls through the milking hole and she goes beneath him. She strokes his full rod and balls, encouraging all the juices to grow through him. As she does, he feels more and more power and adores her inviting hands milking his firm prick. A milking ends all over her physique.

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Tracey Sweet Blonde Pornstar Jerks and Strokes Dong

Tuesday, September 9, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Tracey Sweet meets her new patient Will Powers, and she discusses her boner and having sex performance problems. She brings him into the milking table room and disrobes him. After putting him on his back, she uses both hands to twist and stroke his snake deeply. He takes pleasure in her hands, and she brings the blood rushing through his willy. She denies him pleasure, and turns him over. She strokes him fully with her hands on his sausage and balls. He digs the experience and wants more from her. She wants to milk ever drop from his figure and moves onto using her mouth to finish the milking with a milk facial.

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Tiffany Tyler Milks Cock to Happy Ending Cumshot

Sunday, September 7, 2014
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Sex Massage presents The young and inviting Tiffany Tyler is dazzling and she meets with her patient Tony. After some initial discussions, she massages his rigid figure on the milking table. After some touching, she massages his dick with both hands. She strokes his dick and gets him tense as she milks him. She turns him over with his johnson through the hole. She lays underneath the table and gets her open mouth all over his pecker. She sucks his rigid meat and rubs his balls to get the full semen silken through him. She digs milking her clients and finally he explodes all over her lips flowing with spunk.

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Romi Rain Gets Tits Coated From Dick Milking

Friday, September 5, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Romi Rain is a arousing brown haired and in her fishnet outfit, she meets her new patient Talon. After an introduction, she brings him to the milking room. She puts him on his back and strokes his firm johnson with both of her hands, caressing and handling his knob to get the blood going. After he grows harder, she flips him over and is fully bare to a in the raw Romi Rain under the table. She holds his balls and strokes his weiner, milking him for all his semen. She talks him through it and fond of the feeling. She gets his blood and juices velvety through his figure and finally milks her mouth fully drained.

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Pressley Hart Gets Wet During Interracial Handjob

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Rob is visiting the clinic after getting injured while boxing, his regular therapist Niocle is not there but her sister Pressley promises to help him relieve his pain. As the session starts Pressley is able to get him firm in a matter of seconds, she is impressed by how big his penis is and starts sucking on it. Pressley then gets under the milking table and starts working her magic, she milks his erected weiner and gives him a long throat job while also licking his balls. When Rob is getting ready to spunk she jerks him harder and lets him shoot his load on her face and mouth. Rob feels instant relief.

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Presley Hart Drinks Cum Right From the Source

Saturday, August 30, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Presley Hart is looking particularly salacious in a red fishnet outfit, and she meets her new client who explains his sexual problems. She brings him into the milking room and undresses him slowly. After put on his back, she strokes his pud with her hands and uses her mouth on him to get him stiff and milking his weiner. She flips him over and strips undressed. She then grabs his balls and strokes his full and erect willy through the hole and gets every bit of blood to flow through his willy. She gets him harder and harder and he knows he is getting a great milking. He finishes all over her hot face.

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Nikki Daniels Insists on Giving Happy Ending

Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Nikki Daniels is a thick inviting brown haired and looking awesome. She talks with her new glasses wearing patient and brings him slowly into the nursing room after talking about some sexual concerns. She strips him undressed and puts him on his back. She strokes his sausage and she goes topless to encourage him. She uses her mouth and hands to get him firm and blood flowing. She turns him over and uses both hands to milk his member. She gets completely nude under the table and adores his milking as she plays with her bare cunt. She wants every drop from him and he gives it to her over her face and juggs.

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Nikita Von James Gives Pornstar Handy

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
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Sex Massage presents Wild and striking Nikia Von James is the very built and libidinous therapist that Billy Glide meets in his session. She takes him to the milking table following a talk, and she rubs his build to get him relaxed. He can’t get his eyes of her big tatas, she rubs his sausage, and he gets rigid. She massages his dick against her tits and gets harder. She turns him over, and through the hole she moves to milk his big meat with her mouth. She deep throats his huge cock and sucks on his balls. She gets his blood flowing and he stays hung stiff. After some cunt rubbing, she has him spunk all over her large juggs.

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